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-50,000 Update: 575.06 Seconds Down, 45,513.98 To Go

With 2 Meets in The Colony, A and Higher the first long course and BB and Lower, our coaches and swimmers had a very busy weekend. Congratulations to all for dropping 575.06 seconds of our -50,000 goal. Keep up the good work and the next meets are just around the corner. Keep swimming!

Burleson THR

· Mia Brown Dropped 9.25 Seconds in the 50 Fly, in which, she just competed in for the first time a couple of Months ago!

· Callen Bomer dropped .70 seconds in his 50 Back!

· Kaylee Seabert dropped a whopping total of 55.25 seconds over the weekend!

· Emma Seabert had a great performance in all of her events and showed that she was ready to race during the weekend!

Burleson Brick

· Cameron Bell dropped .21 seconds in her 50 Free!

· Cade Bomer achieved his BB time in the 50 Free and dropped a total of 17.38 seconds from all of his events!

· Dylan Bomer dropped a total of 25.18 from all of his events during the weekend!

· Renn De Los Santos competed in his first meet with Sigma this weekend! He also dropped a total of 11.79 seconds from all of his events during the weekend!

· Jake Farmer dropped .91 seconds in his 100 Free!

· Taylor Guy competed in her first meet with Sigma this weekend! She also dropped .36 seconds in her 50 Free!

· Ava Luong achieved her BB time in her 200 Free and dropped a total of 2.60 seconds this weekend!

· Katie Oberhue dropped .25 seconds in her 100 Free!

· Aaliyah Young had a decent meet this weekend and is getting back in the swing of things after changing making a few changes to her strokes!

· Kate Luong dropped a total of 55.41 seconds and achieved her AAAA times in all 7 of her events in her last meet as a 10 & Under!

A Meet

· Kate Luong dropped a total of 55.41 seconds and achieved her AAAA times in all 7 of her events in her last meet as a 10 & Under!

· Keira Luong dropped a total of 86.85 seconds and achieved her AAAA times in the 100 Fly and 200 IM in her last meet as a 10 & Under!

· Ryan Luong dropped a total of 26.09 seconds and achieved his A time in the 400 Free!


· Kharma Carnegie dropped 23 seconds on her 100 FR!!

Fort Worth East

· Zoe Adama - Dropping a combined 3 seconds in her 200 free and 100 fly

· Payton Alberts - Dropping time in all of her backstroke and butterfly events

· Avery Buchanan - Dropping 1.5 sec in her 200 free.

· Maddie Harless - Dropping 1 sec in her 200 back.

· Sienna Morren - Dropping a combined 5 seconds in her 200 IM, 200 free, and 200 breast.

· Breanna Olivieri - Dropping a combined 12 seconds in her 200 back, 200 IM, and 100 fly.

· Hannah Terrell - Dropping 4 seconds in her 200 fly.

· Carson Blair - Dropping in every event (200 back, 100 breast, 200 fly, 100 back, 200 breast) for a combined total of 35 seconds.

· Wyatt Blair - Inching closer to the Junior Nationals cut in the 100-meter fly by going 59.46.

· Hunter Boniface - Waiting 6 hours to swim 9 yards and dropping 5 seconds in his 200 breast.

· Donald Palmer - Dropping a combined 8 seconds in his 200 back, 100 breast, 100 back, 200 breast, and 50 free.

· Jorge Ramos: overall dropped 25.15 seconds; highlight - Jorge's backstroke had major improvements, he was able to do his underwaters off all his walls and his flip turns were successful

· Joel Teer: overall dropped 60.85 seconds; Highlight - Joel had an incredible 100fly swim and was strong the whole time

· Maddie O'Neill: overall dropped 2.14 seconds; highlight - Swam an awesome 100 backstroke, did not get dequeued on flips.

· Avery Bleich: overall dropped .08 seconds; highlight - had good turns on her 50 breast which made her pull outs stronger

Fort Worth North

· Gianna Schroeder (T8) swam in her first USA meet this weekend completing legal swims in the 50 fly and the 50 breast! Nice job Gianna!

· Christopher Waller (T8) competed in his first 100 fly, 100 free and 50 free with USA swimming this weekend. Way to go!

· Cameron Andrews dropped a total of 5.86 across three events with a total of 5.13 from her 100 fly. Nice time drop and grit on that 100 fly!

· Jacob Hinojosa dropped a total of 9.2 seconds across 4 events with a 6.83 drop from his 200 IM. Jacob also placed 2nd in his 50 fly, 3rd in the 100 fly and 4th overall in the 50 free for 11-12-year-old boys.

· Dane Bentson established a legal time in the 200 IM. dropped 1.70 from 100 free and 0.61 from the 100 breaststroke. Nice comeback

· Lily McKee shaved 5.31 off her 200 IM swim and 2.54 seconds from the 100 free totaling 7.85 seconds from two events.

· Griffin Schroeder nailed his first USA time in the 100 fly this weekend. In addition, Griffin dropped 1.53 from the 100 backstroke and 0.62 from the 50 free!

· Emilio De Los Reyes swam his first 100 back, 100 fly and 200 breast. The latter are not easy events and Emilio did so with enthusiasm, determination and grit. Way to establish first times in those challenging ones Emilio!

· Lillian Hamby dropped a total of 5.00 seconds from her 100 free and established her first time in the 100 breast. Way to swim this weekend Lilly!

· Connor Owens dropped a total of 4.63 seconds across four events with a nice 2.61 cut in his 50 fly. Nice job this weekend Connor -- keep up the hard work at practice!

· Mary Fahy dropped a total of 17.66 seconds across two events with a total of 13.52 from her 200 free. Wow Mary-- nice drop and practice pays off!

· Jarrah Baker swam her first 100 free and dropped 2.61 seconds from her 50 back. Nice job Jarrah!

· Blaine Hamby established his first time in the 100 breast and dropped 1.18 seconds from his 100 free. Way to nail it Blaine!

· Landen Lamb established first times in the 50 fly and 50 breast. Nice job Landen keep up the hard work at practice-- it pays off!

Below is a breakdown of time improvements by location. Congratulations Sigma Swim Burleson Brick!

Burleson Brick 227.03

Burleson THR 65.20

Duncanville 38.16

Fort Worth East 186.22

Fort Worth North 58.45


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