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Mansfield Open Results -50,000 Update: 763.89 Seconds Down, 43,937.65 To Go

The Open Long Course Meet in Mansfield was a great success once again. A total of 85 swimmers competed and managed to drop 718.89 seconds of our -50,000 goal. We finished 3rd overall out of 10 teams!

Keep working hard to achieve your goals. Great job swimmers and coaches!

Burleson Brick

  1. Cade Bomer dropped a total of 10.90 Seconds! He had some really solid swims and showing a huge improvement in his techniques! He also nailed down B times in the 50, 100 and 200 Frees!

  2. Dylan Bomer dropped a total of 27.64 seconds! Dylan just missed getting his BB time in the 100 Free by a hundredth of a second. He secured his B time in his 200 Free and achieved a BB time in the 50 Free!

  3. Gabe Bustillos dropped a total of 15.61 seconds! Gabe swam his way to an AA time in the 50 Free, A time in the 100 Free and BB times in the 100 Fly and 200 Free!

  4. Tanner Corn achieved a BB time in the 50 Free! This was his first time in a Long Course pool and he totally crushed his swim!

  5. Jacob Coursey dropped a total of 2.12 seconds! He showed some great technique improvement while swimming right at his best time without setting foot in a Long Course pool this year!

  6. Renn De Los Santos swam right at his best times and showed a huge improvement in his technique!

  7. Jake Farmer had a great showing at his first Long Course meet! He contributed 12 points to the teams score by placing in the 200 Breast.

  8. Taylor Guy had a great first Long Course meet as well! Showing her new technique, she learned at camp!

  9. Mia Jesel had a great first Long Course meet as well! She was just barely off her B times which has given her the drive to achieve them this Fall!

  10. Katie Oberheu dropped a total of 10.93! She achieved a BB time in the 200 Breast and the 50 Free!

  11. Kelian Rogstad had a fantastic first Long Course meet in his 50 Fly, 100 Free and 50 Breast! He helped his medley relay place third by being a fast Freestyle anchor!

  12. Gideon Teer had a great meet after coming back from a week vacation! He was just off his B times in all of his events!

  13. Dalton Tucker dropped a total of 47.11 from his life time best Long Course 100 Free! He also obtained his B time in the 100 Free!

  14. Tanner Williams had a fantastic 100 Free! He was entered with a Short Course time and cut time off that in his first Long Course meet! That time converted is around an 11 second drop in half a year!

  15. Aaliyah Young scored 100 points for the team! While she didn't drop this meet, she closed in on her best times showing her hard work and consistency in practice is paying off!

Burleson THR - Congrats to all of our first USA meet swimmers! Caleb Housely, Garrett Burleson and Mia Brown.

  1. Ramirez, Raegan Batley, and Rhett De Los Santos.

  2. Raegan Batley had a great first meet performance in both the 50 free and the 50 backstroke!

  3. Mia Brown swam both the 50 butterfly and the 50 breaststroke and gained new long course times in both!

  4. Payton Deel grabbed a BB time in her 50 backstroke with a time of 48.88!

  5. Rhett De Los Santos crushed the 50 butterfly and 50 freestyle!

  6. Caleb DeSessa had a great showing in the 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke, and 100 butterfly.

  7. Mia Ramirez swam amazing times in the 100 back, 100 free 50 freestyle, and 50 backstroke.

  8. Sophia Scarbro grabbed a B time in her 100 backstroke with a time of 1:38.17!

  9. London Thomas had a great showing in the 50 fly, 100 free, 50 free, and the 50 backstroke.

  10. Garrett Burleson competed in the 100 freestyle, 100 butterfly, and 200 IM.

  11. Caleb Housely had a great day in his first USA swim meet swimming the 100 freestyle!


  1. Trinity Belott - 1st in both the 200 and 100 breast.

  2. Grace Braulin- 1st long course meet.

  3. Luke Braulin- 1st long course meet.

  4. Averi Coates- dropped almost 45 seconds on the 100 free.

  5. Jaxon Coates- 2nd in the 100 fly.

  6. Kambree Coates- first long course 100 fly.

  7. Rylan Coates- BB cut in the 100 back.

  8. Matthew Harman- AA cut on 50 Free.

  9. Sam Harman- 1st in the 200, 100, and 50 free.

  10. Morgan Mathson-1st long course meet.

  11. David Merworth- top 4 in every event.

  12. Jorie Nagel- 1st long course meet.

  13. Parker Pritchard- time drop in 5 of 6 events.

  14. Madison Windham- 8 second drop in the 100 fly.


  1. Misty Adams swam a strong 200 M fly for the first time!

  2. Abigail Burns swam her 1st long course meet in over a year and raced hard!

  3. Kharma Carnegie has been developing her backstroke and dropped over 4 seconds in 100 M back.

  4. Marco Cruz swam a smart 200 M free for a 4 second drop.

  5. Marco Diaz used his awesome kicking skills to power into a 9+ second drop in the 100 M Free.

  6. Allen Goodman improved his 100 M backstroke time by over 6 seconds.

  7. Michael Mederios strengthened his backstroke by dropping time in both the 100 M and 200 M back.

  8. Tori Pearson had a lightning fast 50 M BR dropping over 18 seconds and swimming the 200 M breast for the first time.

  9. Rose Wehrmann dropped time in just about every event this weekend with some good swims, looking to carry that trend into the fall.

  10. Delana Wiley ended her time drop drought in her favorite event, the 100 M back!

Fort Worth East

  1. Zoe Adama - Dropping time in EVERY event swum!

  2. Ethan Garrett - dropped 1.55s overall

  3. Jacob Guerrero - dropped 44.68s in his events ; he demolished his 200 free time and swam really well

  4. Carson Blair - Earning his AA time in the 100 fly at 1:06.30.

  5. Maddie Harless - Dropping nearly 20 seconds across 6 events!

  6. Layla Harris - Beating ALL of her personal best times!

  7. Joye Hatter - Finishing the back half of her 100 breast and dropping 2 seconds.

  8. Charlotte Lane - Dropping time in almost every event swum!

  9. Ava Luong - Dropping 16 seconds in her 200 free.

  10. Kate Luong - Almost earning her TAGS cuts in the 100 fly and 100 free.

  11. Keira Luong - Dropping nearly 2 seconds in her 100 breast.

  12. Ryan Luong - Dropping over 1 second in his 200 free.

  13. Kevin Mahmoodi - Beating ALL of his personal best times!

  14. Anthony Robacker - Dropping over 2.5 seconds in his 100 free.

  15. David Robacker - Dropping a combined 2 seconds in his 50 and 100 free.

  16. Hanah Terrell - Dropping over 3 seconds in her 100 fly and an amazing final 50 of her 200 free.

Fort Worth North

  1. Cameron Andrews: dropped 2.64 seconds beating her short course time!

  2. Stephanie Bailey did a nice job shaving 1.89 in the 100M Breast crushing her 100-yard time! Stephanie also participated in a 200 Medley relay placing 2nd.

  3. Peighton Berry nailed a B time in her 100 M Free dropping 16.08 seconds from her short course time and established her first legal time in the 50 M Fly!

  4. Lily Craft dropped 6.30 seconds from her short course time in the 50 M Free and also secured the "B" time standard.

  5. Emilio De Los Reyes shaved 18.63 seconds from his 100 M free and 87.12 from the 200M IM -- stomping his short course times in these two events.

  6. Katie Gyure dropped 4.19 in her 200 M IM, 2.77 in the 50M Breast and 3.53 in the 50M Free. She dropped 3.51 in the 50 back from a previous long course time maintaining her BB time standard and earning another in the 50M Free!

  7. Jacob Hinojosa established a new time in the 200M Free capturing the B time standard and dropped 6.04 seconds from his short course 200 IM!

  8. Madison Huertas participated in the 400 Medley Relay swimming her fastest split ever in the 100 fly. The relay took 2nd place!

  9. Emily Huff beat all her short course times dropping 3.54 in the 50M fly, 17.51 in the 100M Free and 4.17 in the 50M Breast!

  10. Landen Lamb also destroyed his short course time by dropping 3.54 in the 50M Fly, 11.25 in the 50M Back and 7.17 in the 50M Free. Landen is super excited to have achieved his first B time in the 50M Back!

  11. Aidan Little dropped .66 from his 50M Free beating his short course time.

  12. Lilly McKee beat her short course times in 200M Breast by 2.33, 100M Fly by 9.19 and the 100M Free by .70 capturing her first BB time!

  13. Connor Owens had a fantastic meet beating his short course times in the 50M Fly by .40, the 50 M Free by 2.36 and the 50 M Back by 3.43. Connor established a BB time in his 50 M Fly, and A times in both the 50M Back and the 50M Free!

  14. Dominique Tamaoki established a new time in the 50M fly and beat her short course time by .67 in the 50M Breast, 3.78 in the 50M Free and 4.90 in the 50M Back!

  15. Chris Waller beat his short course time in the 50 Free by .68 seconds. Chris swam great events this weekend and I am very proud of his perseverance.

Below is a breakdown of time improvements by location. Congratulations Sigma Swim Fort Worth North!

Burleson Brick 125.31

Cleburne 144.04

Duncanville 86.06

Fort Worth East 142.00

Fort Worth North 224.48



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