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Celebration Of Our Adult Swimmers

We at Sigma Swim work with nearly 200 adults every year at our Fort Worth East and Fort Worth South locations. Next year, we will begin offering our renowned Adult Learn to Swim program at our Fort Worth Central location. For now, we would like to celebrate and chat about the accomplishments of our adult swimmers, from Beginner to Advanced.

It may be surprising to learn that statistic that 1 in every 5 adults cannot swim. Even 1 in 10 or 20 adults would be a high number. Every year, adults come to Sigma to learn how to swim. Some come to us with extreme fear of the water as a result of a childhood trauma, never being taught, or simply a long-standing fear. Some adults come to Sigma with basic knowledge of how to float but an inability to comfortably maneuver themselves around a pool. Some adults can swim but have no experience in deep water. Some want to learn some or all of the four strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly). Some adults are former competitive swimmers, want to swim for fitness, or want to take up triathlons.

Sigma Swim's Adult Programs meet the needs of every type of adult swimmer. In 2019, we worked with more adults than ever. We saw adults who started in our Beginner 1 group move up to our Advanced group and even want to become instructors. We made a dent in that 1 in every 5 statistic!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our adult swimmers. Congrats on overcoming your fears, learning how to float, swimming your first freestyle stroke, taking your first side breath, learning backstroke, learning breaststroke, diving in to the deep end, and making friends along the way. CONGRATULATIONS on becoming the 4 out of every 5 adults that CAN swim!

If you know someone that could benefit from Sigma's Adult Learn to Swim program, we'd love to help your coworker, friend, or family member!


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