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Grow the Mind to Grow the Body

Hello Swim Team and Adult Fitness Swimmers!

Last week, we finished up our two weeks of visualization. This week, as we prepare to commence the new season, we should look to continue to improve our mental focus toward our swimming. Many of these topics can translate into our school and/or work and/or personal lives, because we should have goals in all facets of our life. Don't limit yourself to growth as a swimmer; create room for boundless growth as a whole person. If you'd like to recap from the beginning, make sure to go and check out week one of the Mental Series on "Mindfulness". This week, let's turn our attention to how we can truly attain a "Growth Mindset".

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Developing a Growth Mindset w/ Carol Dweck This is a presentation from Carol Dweck herself on the Growth Mindset given at Stanford University! Found the above helpful? Share with a friend!

This week's topic, a personal favorite in the sports world, centers around the idea of developing a coachable and limitless mindset. It encapsulates the idea that we can make proactive changes that influence our ability to conquer our goals. Carol Dweck, a champion of the growth mindset and author of Mindset (2015) states: "In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work -- brains and talent are just the starting point." This not only applies to our goals as athletes, but also in our other passions - education, instruments, other sports, etc. There are five main skills we can improve upon with the growth mindset:

1) Intelligence (emotional or physical) can be developed.

2) Embrace challenges.

3) Persevere through the setbacks (and it would be remiss to say there won't be any).

4) Effort ---> Mastery. One presents a path to the other

5) Be open to and learn from criticism. Even the best in the world in any discipline can still make changes Fact of the week: "I'm a backstroker".. "I'm a freestyler"... "I only do sprints"... "I can't do [and/or] hate breaststroke". Coaches have heard it time and time again in the swimming world. Yes, butterfly is physically demanding, and yes breaststroke kick has a learning curve. Yet, those challenges should not present themselves as walls but rather mere speed bumps that we may have to tread over more slowly. The growth mindset requires an open, willing, and present mind. How can you continue to grow? Why not give ourselves a fighting chance to really accomplish our dreams and aspirations? Easier said than done, certainly. The first step is adjusting the foundation - a GROWTH MINDSET. How does my swimmer move up? Our group promotion standards are your guide to growing and graduating! Promotion times can be achieved in practice or swim meets. We prefer to see them happen at a swim meet! Growth is uncomfortable because you haven't been here before! Let's continue to grow together! The Sigma Team

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