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Our coaches came together to revise our curriculum. Our goal? To ensure the time we spend with your child is maximized and filled with purposeful and enriching curriculum and instruction.

Sigma Swim Lessons Fort Worth, Burleson, and Cleburne made major revisions to our curriculum that include precisely timed lesson plans, minimizing children's time spent simply waiting for their turn, vertically aligned curriculum, well-defined learning outcomes and exit skills, and much more.

We also developed a system for better communicating your child's progress to both you and your child through the use of progress report check lists that can be accessed on deck.

We understand that children form attachments to their instructors and will learn more optimally with a familiar face. We do our best to keep your children with their instructors. However, due to sickness, other commitments, and unforeseen circumstances, we will sometimes have a substitute. With our revised curriculum, lesson plans, and progress reports, we will be able to have instructors who are better prepared to pick up where your child's normal instructor left off.

Finally, we know that there is a high demand for introductory swim meets (Splash Meets). Therefore, we have added a Fall Splash Meet, Fall Splash Champs, Spring Splash Meet, and Spring Splash Champs. These Splash Meets are low-pressure, high-fun, and a great way to introduce your child to competitive swimming in an environment that is filled with other Sigma Swim Lesson kids.

From eliminating your child's fear of the water to jumping in to deep water unassisted to swimming his/her first full lap to learning all 4 strokes - Our greatest desire is to see your child succeed. If you ever have a question about your child's progress or pathway within our Sigma Swim Lesson program, please speak with us. We're here to help YOUR CHILD!


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