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Our head coaches and top age group coaches came together to revise our already award-winning curriculum to better develop and motivate our swimmers across all levels of our swim team.

The Tier 6-8 curriculum and instruction received a major revision. If you see your child's coach with what looks like a "play chart," that's what we worked so hard on. Every practice is divided in to structured and meaningful parts that have a set amount of time allocated to specific skills and conditioning. The curriculum and focus for these groups will change every 4 weeks. We encourage you to speak with your child's coach about what we are working on, how your child is responding, and any other questions you have about current programming.

The meet schedule has been posted. We understand that not every swimmer has an interest in competing or competing regularly. We also understand that swimming may not be your child's only extracurricular activity. However, we'd love to see your child compete, especially if he/she is in Tier 6-8. Below is a key for selecting the appropriate meet for your child from the meets we are attending. When in doubt, please speak with your child's coach!

Tier 8: Splash, B and Lower, BB and Lower

Tier 6-7: B and Lower, BB and Lower

Tier 5: BB and Lower

Tier 4: BB and Lower, A and Faster

Tier 3: BB and Lower, A and Faster, AA and Faster

Tier 2: A and Faster, AA and Faster, Sectionals

Tier 1: A and Faster, AA and Faster, Sectionals, Junior Nationals

We've made some major additions to the way we motivate your child:

  1. Expanded the time standards (your coaches will provide you with these new standards in early-October).

  2. Award achievement tags to swimmers for times achieved in each age group/event/time standard. For example, earning a 10&Under "D" standard in the 50 free earns the swimmer an achievement tag that he/she places on his/her swim bag. When the swimmer earns the "C" standard, he/she earns another tag.

  3. Publishing/updating a top times of the season leaderboard that will be updated after each meet with the top 12 swimmers for each event. Please click here for last year's Top 12. The top 8 swimmers in their events for their age group will be automatically considered for relay positions and possible other perks and prizes.

  4. All-time team records will be updated after every championship meet month (December, March, and July). Please click here for current team records updated as of August 2019: Short Course, Long Course. Swimmers will receive achievement tags for breaking team records.

We want to see your child get the most out of his/her swim team experience with Sigma Swim. From basic physical fitness to the occasional competitor to the nationally ranked swimmer, we are here to meet your child where he/she is (and possibly push him/her a little further). We can only do that if you communicate with us. The lines are open and we are here for YOUR CHILD. Please help both Sigma and your child reach new heights!


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