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Sigma Swim Fort Worth Hiring - 11 Positions Available - Swim School And Swim Team

Sigma has added 9 swim lesson instructor positions and 2 coaching positions. We are looking to fill them by August 4! We have open positions at 4 of our Sigma Swim Fort Worth locations.

Salary is the highest offered in Fort Worth for swim lesson instructors as well as swim team coaches. Salary is based on experience and qualifications. Please see below for minimum and ideal qualifications.

For candidates who possess Tier 1 minimum qualifications, Sigma Swim Fort Worth will provide paid training to obtain Tier 2 ideal qualifications. When in doubt, CONTACT US, we always are looking for diamonds in the rough!

Tier 1 minimum qualifications:

  1. Patient

  2. Kind

  3. Sociable

  4. Loves children

  5. Honest

  6. Dependable

  7. Punctual

  8. Coachable

  9. Humble

  10. Drug-free

  11. Organized

  12. Multi-tasker

  13. Reliable transportation

  14. 16 years old

Tier 2 ideal qualifications:

  1. American Red Cross CPR certified

  2. American Red Cross Lifeguard certified

  3. Adult age 21-65 years old (yes, some of our best instructors are retired!)

Tier 3 supplemental qualifications:

  1. Competitive swimming background

  2. Swim lessons or coaching background

We'd love to have you as part of our coaching staff. If you're interested in being a part of our highly rated Sigma Swim School or nationally ranked Sigma Swim Team coaching staff, please contact us here.

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