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Sigma Swim Team Member Makes News

Updated: May 19, 2021

Sigma Swim Fort Worth team member Madison Huertas made the #WFAA news when she penned a heartfelt letter on her personal Facebook page early this week.

Sigma Swim Coach Wendy instructs one of her swim lessons children
Make drowning prevention and swim lessons your priority this summer

That heartfelt letter was submitted to the website and picked up by the news. In the letter, Madison speaks about the pain of reading about the seemingly never ending drownings in North Texas, correct swim lesson curriculum and instruction, and her goal to be a change agent in the area of drowning prevention.

We at Sigma Swimming Fort Worth are proud to have Madison as a newfound voice in our own mission to be change agents for drowning prevention.

Praise to Madison for speaking out about a preventable cause of death in both children and adults. Join with Madison and Sigma Swimming Fort Worth to help save lives through education and proper swim lesson instruction.

To read the full WFAA article on Madison's Mission, please click here.

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