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Sigma Adult Learn-to-Swim: Swim Lessons Not Just For Kids

Updated: May 19, 2021

According to the American Red Cross, as of a 2014 survey, "Only 56 percent of Americans can perform the 5 core swimming skills." This astounding statistic is why our mission is to teach swimming to both children AND adults.

Sigma Swimming's Adult Learn-to-Swim program helps adults learn to swim the RIGHT way. Our adults come from a variety of backgrounds. Our adults trust Sigma to teach them how to swim for a variety of reasons: Upcoming vacation, overcome a lifelong fear, learn a valuable skill, enlist in the military, enjoy the water with their children, rehabilitate an injury, swim for fitness, or prepare for a triathlon.

To find out more about Fort Worth's best place for adults to learn how to swim CLICK HERE. We'd love to help you accomplish your swimming goals like the hundreds of adults we have worked with over our over 11 years in business.

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1 Comment

I wanted to share some frequently requested links. I'll add to these over time.

Standard gear we recommend - Nothing is required, just recommended. We're glad to talk about each of these.

A black swimmer talks about how to protect natural hair (and skin) while swimming. Many more like this can be found by searching youtube for 'Swim with Natural Hair'.

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