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Ava Curnutt is a 9-year-old swimmer who swims at Sigma Swim's Fort Worth North (TCCNW) Swim School location under Coach Taylor and Coach Brian. She attends Walsh Elementary in Aledo.

Q: How did you decide to become a swimmer?

A: I’ve just always loved to swim!

Q: Do you have any favorite swimmers and who are they?

A: Michael Phelps because my Dad said he’s the best swimmer ever, and I’ve seen him swim and he’s really good.

Q: What do you like the most about swimming?

A: Competing and getting better and making new friends.

Q: What do you think is the most difficult stroke and why?

A: Breast stroke is hardest for me.... it’s the one I do the least.

Dive block practice with coach Brian and her dives are getting pretty awesome

Q: What is your favorite stroke?

A: Back Stroke! It’s my favorite one and the one I do the best.

Q: Do you have any friends or family that are involved in the sport of swimming?

A: No. I’m the first swimmer in my family.

Q: Have you swam in any meets and how did you like it?

A: Yes. It was very fun!

Ava' first swim lessons at Sigma Swim

Q: Who is your biggest supporter?

A: My Mom. But I also have my Dad and both Coach Taylor and Coach Brian.

Q: There are many videos and competitions on TV such as Nationals. Did or do you watch any of them?

A: I watched the Olympics and I’ve seen really good swimmers like Michael Phelps.

Q: Are there any other sports that you are involved in?

A: Yes. Tennis and Volleyball.

Ava's first Splash meet and she won all her races


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