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Your Beginning Swimmer Can Learn How to Float!

Hi Sigma Swim and Stroke Schoolers!

Last week, we continued our new series for beginning swimmers, carrying over the information that began with getting in the water and was followed up with in-water bobs. Now, we look to further our progress with ~drum roll~..... FLOATING! The keys to this week are "trust" and willingness.

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BOOM, and we're floating! A result of human anatomy, the body's surface area affords us the ability to spread out and float on the surface of the water. As discussed before, we've first gotten in, great. Okay, we've learned how to bob at or near water's edge, awesome. Okay, what do we do now? Floating is making that decision of what's next. Your child can learn these valuable skills at such a young age that can benefit all his/her life in a pool, river, or beyond. It's not just a skill, but a perceived necessity. With floating, it's important to maximize our surface area by spreading our limbs out similarly to what was demonstrated in the video. From there, we can learn how to expend as little energy as possible while being safe and aware.

Fact of the week: At any age, it can be hard to "let go". Success in the water requires some level of compromise. WE have to compromise WITH the water. It's a gentle dance, not a boxing match. The more we learn how to work with the water, the less it feels like we're thrashing to stay afloat. Whether you are a toddler, teen, or tenderfoot adult swimmer, learning how to trust your spatial orientation on the surface will allow you to become your own personal life raft, vital to both swimming basics AND water safety.

How does my child move up? Come to every swim class, bring your progress report, earn those stickers, and ask your child's instructor or location's deck manager if you have questions.

Come sail away and learn how to float! So glad your child is learning how to swim properly with us!

The Sigma Team

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