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Fort Worth Area Swim Teams - Sigma Swimming Inducted Into Texas Swim and Dive Hall of Fame

March 4, 2022

Fort Worth area swimmers and divers have a long history of excellence in Texas, nationally and internationally for almost a century. Early stars include Bob Tarlton in the ‘30s, world record holder Jane Dillard in the ‘40s and the pioneer of Texas diving, Carl Loock, who set the pace for teams, coaches, and athletes to shine. In the 1940’s, Roy and Lilian Knipe, along with the Loocks, were recruiting talent from around the city pools and lakes, including the Burger’s Lake 6-meter-high board.

This group evolved into the Ridglea Pool Association Team of the ‘50s, which migrated and integrated into the new indoor pool at Panther Boy’s Club (PBC). PBC swimming and diving team became one of the state’s top powerhouses from the mid-1950’s through the’ 70’s. This era’s leaders were Carl, Edith, Cal, Vicki and Christine Loock, Don Easterling, Doug Russell, Rick Nesbit, Theron Pickle, Ronnie Mills, William Paulus and Wayne Chester. Also, the Malone, Speight, Evans, Brouse, Riddell and Capper families, plus many more TAGS and high school all-Americans, had a part in the PBC dynasty of this era.

The Frog Aquatic Swim Team (FAST) coached by Rufe Brewton grew into another strong team in the ‘70s and included stars Steve Wood and Chuck Burr. Several more Fort Worth area teams were established after 1975, including The FW Swim Club, Water Works and Tarrant County Aquatics (coached by Lucky Foreman and star swimmer Jeannie Doolan).

The Fort Worth Area Swim Team was established in 1989 by Scott Colby. Ron Forrest coached the team from 1996-2020 and in this 24 year period, he coached numerous champions including Olympic gold medalist Dana Vollmer.

Nationally ranked Sigma Aquatics is now in operation in the Fort Worth area offering swimming, diving, and water polo.

Congratulations to the Ft. Worth Area Swim Teams for induction into the 2022 Texas Swimming and Diving Hall of Fame

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