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Happy International Women's Day 2023!

Hello Sigma Swimming Family!

Today is a very special day in the yearly calendar, and we at Sigma Swimming would like to do a little commemoration! Today, March 8th, is International Women's Day, so please make sure to thank the women and girls in your lives for simply being themselves! Without the driven, independent women in our lives, the world would not go around as it does. So, let's take the opportunity to celebrate the women forging change; celebrate the visibility of women's success and leadership; celebrate the continued efforts to inspire young women to thrive. Here at Sigma, we are BLESSED to have such a strong, thoughtful, and extremely committed core of women that help the gears of this organization turn. As such, we'd like to recognize them below! (And don't hesitate to reach out to any of these amazing people when you see them around the pool!

(In no particular order!)

Tiffany Freeman - South Region Manager & Head Coach, Waco; Social Media Task Force; Community Drowning Prevention Advocate Kylie Mongan - Deck Manager and Assistant Coach - Waco/Clifton; Anthropology BA, Baylor University Wendy Gettings - Head Coach, Fort Worth Elite; Meet Director; Head Coach, All Saints Middle/High School Yoon Smith - Payroll/Accounts Payable; Staff Recruiting Cyndy Miller - Registrar; USA Swim Liaison; Safety Officer Amber Jones - Communications Coordinator, Deck Manager, Head Coach Cleburne; Assistant Scoutmaster & Chaplin for BSA (Boy Scouts). Bre Calaway - Adults Deck Manager Cleburne, Mansfield Hawaiian Falls; Coach; Teacher for 3-year-olds at church Sunday/Wednesday nights Addy Reyna - Deck Manager THR/BRICK; Social Media Task Force; Full-time Nursing Student, UTA Kristin Bomer - Swim Team Manager; Full-time Burleson ISD - ARD Facilitator; Full-time Graduate Student at Tarleton State University - Master of Science in Information Systems Vegas Jankowski - Deck Manager Elite/TWU; Social Media Task Force; Face of Sigma Learn to Swim Relda Wilmot - Deck Manager - TCCNW, Marine Park, Roanoke Hawaiian Falls; Full-time Student at TCCNW - Associates in Art & Business Abby Harbour - Head Coach TCCNW; Head Coach, Team USA, Tricolore Youth Games Italy; Sigma Social Media Task Force; Portuguese BA, Brigham Young University Cat Bartosh - Deck Manager/Coach, Duncanville; Social Media Task Force; Full-time RN Coralee Flug - North Region Manager; Social Media Task Force; Employee Appreciation Coordinator; Community Drowning Prevention Advocate Payton Alberts - Summer Deck Manager, Walsh/Ventana/Morningstar; Full-time Biology Student, University of Oklahoma Daniella DeVries - Masters Coach and Water Polo Coach, Waco; Electrical Engineering PhD Candidate, Baylor University Sharon Ha - Full-time Registered Nurse/Healthcare Advocate; Andrew's voice of reason

Fact of the week: Sigma simply COULD NOT FUNCTION without these amazing women. The women in our lives deserve to be uplifted and empowered to the utmost. That's just it. First and foremost, we'd like to thank them again for their continued devotion and impactful contributions to this organization. Simultaneously, we want to encourage all the amazing women and girls in all of our programs to continue reaching toward EVERY goal and EVERY aspiration. There is no ceiling to their success, and we strive to foster an environment that nurtures these goals. Lastly, let this day be a continued call to action - one that promotes decreased discrimination, increased representation in all sectors, and fundamental rights across all facets of life. Here's to progress, equality, and supporting one another to create the world we want to live in.

"I am the sole author of the dictionary that defines me."

~Zadie Smith

Happy IWD 2023 everyone,

The Sigma Team

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