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Sigma Featured Staff Member Of The Week

Updated: May 19, 2021

Cat is one of our coaches at Sigma Swim's Dallas Duncanville location. Today we interviewed her focusing on motivation, athletic inspiration and family involvement.

Q: How and when did you become involved in the sport of swimming?

A: Growing up I was always in the water but never knew swimming was a sport until one of my friend’s moms was a coach, so I decided to give it a try. I was eight years old when I started swimming.

Q: What does coaching the sport of swimming mean to you?

A: Coaching swimming means so much to me. The passion I have for the sport and am able to pass it down to my athletes is unexplainable. I am also able to do this in the same pool I grew up swimming in!

Q: How did you stay motivated in the sport growing up, and how do you keep your swimmers motivated?

A: Competitions helped keep me motivated! I loved the rush that you get when you dive in the water at the start of a race. For my swimmers I always encourage them to keep them motivated and have them remember why they love the sport.

Q: Growing up, who were your biggest athletic inspiration?

A: Rebecca Soni. My best stroke was always breaststroke and seeing her swim just made me want to be that much better.

Q: What role should family play in swimmers both age group and elite levels?

A: Family is the biggest supporter a swimmer will have. They need to always be there with encouraging words no matter what the outcome of the meet or practice might be.

Q: How do you taper your swimmers before a swim meet?

A: Since I have younger swimmers I usually do not taper them for swim meets due to them not having a large muscle mass to be tapered. Instead we will focus on swim meet etiquette and go over their goals for that swim meet.

Q: What role do you think parents should play in a swimmer’s swim career?

A: Just like family, parents are also a huge support system for a swimmer. As a parent being there to not only motivate and encourage but to also push the athlete to be better!

Q: What do you tell a swimmer when he/she thinks that they are not good at swimming?

A: That they are improving everyday even when they do not realize it. I also go back and point out points of improvement for that swimmer!

Q: What piece of advice would you give to a swimmer just starting out in the sport, with a big goal such as the Olympics?

A: Always have determination and heart. If you have the heart to accomplish a goal you’re over halfway there. Break the big goal into small goals to serve as stepping stones along the path and work hard to reach each step!

Q: How important do you think cross training is and why?

A: I think that cross training is important since it works an athlete’s body in different ways. Cross training can also help prevent injuries as different exercises and sports can help strengthen muscles in the body that swimming might not be able to make stronger.

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