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Sigma Swim Team and Adult Fitness: October Swim Meets + How To Flip Turn

In addition to any location-specific info you receive, we like to provide you with some weekly general info/education that is related to your Swim Team and Fitness Swimming experience.

How to do a freestyle flip turn

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Getting ready for swim meets in October

Found the above helpful? Share with a friend! Fact of the week: Competitive Swimming and Fitness Swimming is a year-round endeavor. For our Adult Fitness Swimmers, swimming 3-5 times per week year-round is critical for your health and well-being. In the fall, the first competitive swim meets are usually held in October. We highly recommend all swimmers sign up for one or both days of the October season-opening swim meet that is appropriate for your swimmer's level. These October meets usually give the swimmer, coach, and parent a chance to get a good idea of where the swimmer is starting.

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