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Make a Splash at Our Upcoming Splash Meets!

Hello Sigma Swimming Family!

I hope everyone is having a great April so far. We've heard that April showers bring May flowers, but what about APRIL SPLASHES? For those of you that are brand new youth learners, we've got some fun events planned coming up! For both North (Duncanville/Elite/TWU/TCC NW locations) and South (Burleson/Cleburne/Waco locations), we've got multiple SPLASH MEETS on the way. If your little swimmer is just chomping at the bit to hop in the pool and show off new skills, this is the perfect event to go to! Make sure to sign up soon, as we have one date planned as soon as April 28th for both regions!

It's OKAY if your swimmer is a little nervous. This is the perfect opportunity to get some fun race-style experience! There will be plenty of volunteers on deck AND in the water to ensure the utmost organization and safety. These events are open to all swimmers in the Sigma Swim Stroke School and Pre-Team. Registration for each event will conclude 4 DAYS PRIOR to the event so make sure to get signed up in time so your swimmer can come make a splash! Check your account for further event information, policies, and pool location. Meets include:

  • April 28th, Spring Swing South/North! - (SOUTH) Cleburne Pool 5:30-7:30 PM; (NORTH) Texas Wesleyan Pool 5:00-7:30 PM

  • June 10th, Beat the Heat Summer Leap! - (ALL LOCATIONS) Burleson BRiC Pool 8:30-11:30 AM

  • July 15th, Fun in the Sun! - (ALL LOCATIONS) Burleson BRiC Pool 8:30-11:30 AM

TL;DR - Multiple upcoming splash meets for Sigma locations! Sign up via your SIGMASWIM.COM account and go to Events and Competition --> Team Events --> your chosen event. Pre-Team and all Stroke School levels eligible. Email your deck managers or location coaches with any further questions! Fact of the week: The larger the group, the bigger the splash! We hope to see ALL our families with little swimmers at these events and will continue to relay our excitement however we can! At Sigma Swimming, we are wholly devoted to growing the sport/passion that is swimming. Whether it be recreation, competitive, or even the process of overcoming previous fears, our mission is to unite the local community and beyond with an activity that we both know and love. All of our staff can attest to how much we deeply care about our Sigma family and can affirm the goals we share across all disciplines. Let us continue to pay forward our love of swimming to YOU. Don't forget to check out our YouTube for more content!

Let's make a SPLASH these next few months and beyond! Thank you for continuing to learn with us!

The Sigma Team

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