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Sigma Swim School and Swim Team Testimonials: Cara B.

I meant to write you sooner, but I wanted to commend Ava’s Coach - I believe his name is Hunter. He has been so amazing within the short time we have been at the Northwest location. Hunter took the time out of his evening Wednesday after practice to work with Ava on overcoming her fear of diving off the platform. He didn’t give up on her, and kept encouraging her that she could do it. I love seeing that there are good people like Hunter that truly care about these young swimmers and helping them, even putting their free time aside, to help a swimmer that is having a mental block.

I just wanted to let you know that Ava and I do really appreciate it so much. Ava hasn’t gotten past the block yet, but hopefully soon she will…thanks to Hunter for not giving up on her!!

Thank you,

Cara B.

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Sigma Swimming Lessons earn another positive review for their excellent swim instructors
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