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Sigma Swimming Metroplex Aquatics at Texas High School State Championships

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Dear Sigma Swim School, Swim Team, and Masters Swimmers and Families,

This week, we're skipping our swim tip to celebrate our swimmers, their coaches, and our team for achieving one of the highest honors in high school swimming.

Once a year in February, the Super Bowl of Texas High School Swimming takes place in Austin. This year, three of Sigma's locations qualified swimmers to compete at UIL Swimming State Championships.

VIEW AND SHARE our Texas State High School Swimming Championship swimmers below. We hope to one day be able to list your swimmer's name!

Sigma Swim Alliance/Justin NISD: Reeve Ferber, Evan Witte (Coach Russ Eidman)

Sigma Swim Fort Worth: Grant Chapa, Victoria Crews, Avery Faulkner, Kamryn Kupper, Sam Ogden, Breanna Olivieri, Haley Roberson, Garrett Burleson, Caleb Bustillos, Kameron Bustillos, Dalton Tucker, Donald Palmer (Coach Wendy Gettings)

Sigma Swim Cleburne: Samara Harman (Coach Mary Beck)

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