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The Growth Mindset, Belief, and.... Yoda!

Hello Swim Team and Adult Fitness Swimmers!

After a week's completion of the young season, we continue to roll through the mental side of swimming. Last week, we delved into the preliminary discussion of the "growth mindset". Having a growth mindset is not just limited to swimming, but also should incorporate goals for school, work, family, life in general, etc. The supplementary information with Carol Dweck hopefully provided some insight on what it means to be open, proactive, and purposeful to achieve all that we dream of and more. This week, we continue the talk about the growth mindset with some special guests!

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Using the Force - Yoda and Luke on Growth A nice little Star Wars analogy to the growth mindset with Luke Skywalker and Yoda from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Found the above helpful? Share with a friend!

As young Carson Byblow and old Yoda both eloquently put, you have to both believe in yourself, and open yourself to a world of possibilities before you can truly realize your aspirations. In the swimming world, this includes taking ownership, visualizing, and ultimately technique and practice. All of these pieces culminate into the sincere heart and mind of a champion. If you look at your goals as a ladder with two out of every three rungs missing, it's going to be quite a steep climb. Compartmentalize, rehearse; refine; perform - steps to succeed can be as simple as the best planning. If you miss a wall, hit the next one perfectly. If your breaststroke isn't dropping time, break down each element of the stroke to decide what needs the most improvement. Being fixed means staring at your goals through a glass window; while experiencing growth means crashing through it.

Fact of the week: If you say you don't need improvement, or you CAN'T get any better at something, you place a hard-cut limit that operates as a barrier to your potential. Why set a ceiling? You don't know how much you have left to accomplish, so why predetermine it before it happens. When we predestine ourselves for a particular outcome, we prime ourselves to be less affected by poor outcomes - speaking [lack of] results into existence. Expecting the worst avoids disappointment because there's nowhere to go but up. Well, if you set your current status as your floor, and you tear the roof off of your house of expectations, then seemingly you'll get the same results! Such is the adage, "sky's the limit". Don't limit yourself, be open, be proactive. Experience constant growth!

How does my swimmer move up? Our group promotion standards are your guide to growing and graduating! Promotion times can be achieved in practice or swim meets. We prefer to see them happen at a swim meet!

Being challenged in life is inevitable, but being defeated is optional! Let's continue to grow together!

The Sigma Team

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