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Visualize Like a Pro! (Visualization Cont'd)

Hello Swim Team and Adult Fitness Swimmers!

After an interim week break, we are back with the weekly posts. Just to jog everyone's memory, a few weeks ago, we started our series on the mental side of swimming with mindfulness for two weeks. Since then, we have shifted to visualization, and creating your own success in races within your mind. We conclude our two-week stint on visualization this week with a look at pro comparisons. Although this week doesn't solely highlight visualization on a swimming front, it does perhaps offer some perspective on how other sports prepare in a similar fashion. Take a look at the video below!

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The Secret Imagination of Elite Performers (link) This is a Ted Talk about the imagination and visualizing success! Found the above helpful? Share with a friend!

The secret to being a skilled and successful athlete is to be PROactive, not REactive. If we spend most of our time reacting to changes, mishaps, and setbacks, then we're constantly working harder to get back to the status quo - to the midline. Instead of letting setbacks hinder us, it's important that we prepare in advance, create our own success and our own fallbacks if something goes wrong. By visualizing our competitions, we create an arena in which we control the outcomes. We've all wanted to control ourselves in our dreams, right? This is your chance to not only control yourself, but create your dreams as well. Be prepared, be proactive. Whether we are swimming backstroke, shooting a three-pointer, or dodging our karate sparring partner, there's room for us to be proactive. See your mistakes in order to see your successes. Fact of the week: Based on experience, most coaches could ask their swimmers what the most difficult stroke is and the swimmers would reply with... Butterfly. It tends to be the most physically demanding, but if swum with correct technique, it gets much easier. For those of you out there that believe butterfly is the most taxing, I propose swimming a little more mental butterfly. Visualize your stroke. What's difficult about it? What's easy? If you break it down into individual pieces, the sum of the parts seems less daunting, and less arduous. Success is in your mind as much as it is in your hands! How does my swimmer move up? Our group promotion standards are your guide to growing and graduating! Promotion times can be achieved in practice or swim meets. We prefer to see them happen at a swim meet! Create a strong mind to facilitate a strong body! Thanks as always for joining us each week! The Sigma Team

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