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Super Bowl Sunday Swim Technique For All Swimmers

Our weekly swim tip features a piece of technology that Sigma Swim TCCNW Head Coach Abby began experimenting with this week.

We are accustomed to hearing swim instructors and swim team coaches calling out instructions and improvements above water. Coach Abby envisioned instructing and improving UNDER water and while a swimmer was executing the skills that had been given above water. You can imagine the potential benefits of immediate feedback DURING the learning process.

Coach Abby researched some technology and came across MySwimEars (unpaid advertisement though we are happy if a sponsorship comes of this). Abby found some equipment second-hand and began using it this week.

Below is a rough compilation of some immediate progress she made and samples of how Coach Abby used the technology:

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Interested in working with Coach Abby using this technology or finding out more about the power of small groups, personalized coaching, and instruction that has better immediate feedback? Message us HERE!

Have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!

The Sigma Team

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